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Tomas Van Stee

Tomas van Stee completed an honours bachelor of arts at Western University’s Ivey Business School in 2013. In May of 2015 he founded EnPowered, a company that is working to give every consumer the tools they need to take charge of their energy usage and costs. EnPowered’s long-term goal is to help consumers reduce their energy usage and costs, produce their own electricity and integrate storage solutions into the grid.

Tomas previously worked at the Boston Consulting Group on projects in telecommunications, digital strategy and finance. While completing his undergraduate degree he operated a painting business that earned $250,000 in revenue.

Tomas was born in the Netherlands, but at a young age moved to Southwestern Ontario, where he worked on his parents’ dairy farm. He has lived in London, Ontario, for university, and in Toronto for work. He currently resides in Waterloo.