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Shaed Hashim

Shaed Hashim has expertise in public policy, technology and entrepreneurship. He completed a bachelor of arts in political science and government at the University of Toronto and a master of arts in public policy at the University of Waterloo. Shaed also has a certificate in innovation and entrepreneurship from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He continues his pursuit of learning as he strengthens his technical skills in computer programming and product management.

Shaed has spent the last two years as a lead analyst supporting transformation projects at eHealth Ontario and the Region of Peel. His work has led to improvements in customer satisfaction, organizational productivity and administrative/operational costs. Before joining the public sector, Shaed co-founded an education technology company where he led a team of developers and raised $50,000.

Originally from Kabul, Afghanistan, Shaed moved to Toronto when he was three years old. He currently lives in Toronto.