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Salman Qadir

Salman Qadir has a bachelor of business administration in finance from the University of Toronto and is currently a Level 3 CFA candidate. Salman began his professional career at the Ontario Financing Authority (OFA), an agency of the Ontario Ministry of Finance. Over his last five years at the OFA, Salman has excelled at providing strategic financial advice on transaction structuring, risk assessments and due diligence on a breadth of financial transactions, proposals and provincewide policy initiatives. His work has ranged from numerous public-private partnership projects to negotiating and managing a $300-million public-sector loan portfolio. Salman previously worked at AGF Trust and the University of Toronto.

Salman enjoys experimenting with new technologies, ideas and business strategies. This passion has allowed him to build and provide his expertise in the fields of business growth consulting, marketing and analytics, and web/mobile development.

Born in Lahore, Pakistan, Salman was raised and lives in Toronto, Ontario.