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Ron Dizy

Energy and the Environment cluster

As its managing director, Ron Dizy is responsible for all of the activities at the Advanced Energy Centre. Working with a diverse group of public- and private-sector partners to assist utilities, energy users and energy innovators to adopt new technologies faster, Ron is passionate about making our energy system more cost effective, more resilient and more reliable. He also drives international opportunities for Ontario and Canadian energy innovators by leveraging our domestic successes and experience.

Ron was previously the president and CEO of ENBALA Power Networks, a smart-grid technology company that offers grid optimization services to utilities and system operators to increase the overall efficiency and reliability of the power system. He is considered a thought-leader on innovation opportunities that lie within the evolution of the modern power system. Because of his well-respected perspective on the smart grid, he was recruited to the executive committee of the board for the Ontario Energy Association and the Association for Demand Response and Smart Grid. He was also elected chair of the Corporate Partners Committee of the Ontario Smart Grid Forum.

Ron’s entire career has been focused on bringing new technologies to evolving markets. including spending nearly 10 years as a venture capitalist (both as a direct investor and a pension fund manager), co-founding a company specializing in artificial intelligence and gathering experience in major consulting firms. Ron has a degree in industrial engineering from the University of Toronto.