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Kate Boyle

Program Manager, Learning and Curriculum Development

Kate is on parental leave until March 2017.

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, artists and mad scientists, Kate feels right at home in her role as program manager at Studio Y. Like many career paths, Kate’s has been eclectic and shaped by happenstance. However, a step back reveals some key themes: helping young people to flourish, develop into good leaders and deepen a sense of purpose, agency and responsibility in their careers. Most recently she did this work as the assistant director of the Loran Scholars Program. Before that, Kate provided career counselling to at-risk youth, helped young African leaders tell their stories at the 2006 International AIDS Conference, led a Katimavik project in small-town New Brunswick and directed a leadership development program for disabled teens.

Beyond work, Kate has a daughter, she and her husband are restoring a 1974 24-foot sailboat and she once founded a community currency…that failed.