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Applications Now Open for MaRS Studio Y 2017–2018 Fellowship

May 4, 2017 By: Lekan Olawoye

What is required to transform our economy while solving our most complex social challenges? Where do we find inspiration to yield novel results? These are the questions that preoccupy Studio Y Fellows — and MaRS positions them to begin working on the answers.

If you want to be a cross-sector innovator who can intervene within systems to have an impact on our world, while also building your skills to thrive in the 21st century economy, you should apply for the MaRS Studio Y 2017–2018 Fellowship.

MaRS Studio Y is an institute for systems leadership training, which is delivered to young people through our flagship fellowship program. This flexible program involves seven residencies designed to develop systems leaders through an immersive work-integrated learning curriculum. Fellows will craft projects, benefiting from expert coaching and mentorship along the way. This year, the fellowship will also offer a unique opportunity for a select number of Fellows to qualify for a full-time eight-month placement at MaRS.

Developing the leaders of tomorrow

We believe that innovation stems from unlikely collaborations and different points of view. Systems change relies on collective leadership and wide-ranging skillsets. In order to nurture an ecosystem where these elements come together, we select a diverse cohort of Fellows to harness and unite their individual expertise in a way that produces positive social and economic change.

We are all players in an ever-changing, increasingly interconnected landscape. Fellows who join Studio Y come from a diverse array of industries and backgrounds, challenging us to look beyond our field of vision and strengthening the depth of our impact. More than ever, the world of work requires young professionals to possess unique skills and capabilities to disrupt, innovate, and solve complex cross-sector problems.

At MaRS, we are helping to grow the leaders of tomorrow: leaders who possess the intellectual curiosity to lead through influence, translate solutions across sectors, build a diverse network of changemakers, and contribute to solving complex problems. If these are the skills and attributes you want to build, then our fellowship is for you.

Applications close June 28.

If you know of other young Ontarians aged 29 and under who would be a great fit for this opportunity, please also forward the application to them and invite them to attend our information session on June 8, 2017.