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Today's complex challenges must be solved together. We must work collaboratively over time and across disciplines.
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The world is made of systems—imperfect systems that are resistant to change.

So how do we improve systems and make the world a better place?

It takes collaboration across disciplines and over time. And to foster that collaboration, it takes leaders who use influence and inspiration to drive collective action.

We are training and shaping the new leaders. We are giving them the experience and the knowledge they need to make systems change and build a better future.


Our Vision

Today’s complex challenges must be solved together. We must work collaboratively over time and across disciplines.

That’s why we’re challenging the traditional view of leadership based on power and position. We believe that the leaders of the future are systems leaders—people who foster collaboration and collective action through inspiration, openness, and curiosity. They use influence to bring people together and build a better future together.

System leaders ask why before they ask how.

Our view of leadership is progressive and inclusive, because influence can come from anyone—at any level and any time. That means we all have the potential to lead. Regardless of our title or our discipline, we all have the power to change the systems that make the world.

System Leaders don’t dominate, they collaborate.

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